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UCLA-educated Medical Doctor Peter Vash
“Mix This Delicious Calorie-Free Powder Into Your Favorite Beverage 2x Per Day, And Watch As the Pounds Begin to Melt Off.”
Introducing the Attenuate Duo Stick Pack…
Formulated by UCLA Medical School professor and leading weight loss expert Dr. Peter Vash…
Along with a super team of Harvard and Stanford Board Certified Doctors…
Attenuate is a first-of-its-kind fat burning powder containing science-backed ingredients that are proven to help support healthy weight loss and increased metabolization of fat. 
Even better: it’s calorie free, carb free, and tastes DELICIOUS.

Backed by the Country’s Leading Weight Loss Doctors

Natural & Tastes Great

Ingredients Backed By REAL Science

Here’s What People Are Saying About Attenuate…
"Feeling Better Each Day"

Attenuate is an enjoyable way to get the hydration your body requires while curbing your appetite for carbs and sweets. I have had effortless weight loss and even more - I am feeling better each day. My joints have stopped aching and my energy level is way up! Love this product!

"Delicious and it Works!"

Attenuate mango is delicious and adds that bit of flavor to my water without being overpowering. I have always drank a lot of water, but this helps mix it up throughout the day when just water can get a little boring. It really does suppress my appetite without causing any heart-racing jitters or other side effects. The small packets are also very easy to travel with which has helped me stick to my continued healthy weight plan. I love it!

"great tasting and works!"

I have been drinking these in between meals and have found that it actually works to curb my appetite. It also forces me to drink more water, which is an added bonus!

Here Are Some Patient Results

“53 years old, lost 54lbs. Pablo suffered from high cholesterol and after losing weight he now has a much lower cholesterol level.”


“This patient is Lisa. She is 53 years old. Lost 20 lbs. She suffered from knee pain and because of her weight loss she is now able to get around and has much less pain now.”


“Brian- 28 years old, lost 44 lbs. His stamina has increased with his weight loss and now has less fatigue.”


“Robyn is 73 years old and lost 55 lbs. Her weight loss has allowed her to reduce her back pain considerably. Her increased endurance while exercising has been a serious benefit towards her health.”

Clinical Studies Have Found that the Ingredients Inside Attenuate Can:
✅  Decrease hunger and reduce food intake by 25% or more
✅  Decrease appetite and reduce snacking by 40% or more
✅  Control carbohydrate and food cravings and reduce emotional snacking
✅  Reduce total cholesterol and triglyceride levels
✅  Provide sustained feelings of fullness and satiety
✅  Reduce LDL levels, the “bad cholesterol”
✅  Reduce insulin resistance and fasting insulin levels by 30% to help maintain better blood sugar control.
✅  Increase weight loss 3.5 times more than diet and exercise alone.
✅  Increase the hormone Adiponectin, associated with an increased fat metabolism and reduction in body fat.
✅  Reduce waist and hip size.
How a Leading Weight Loss Physician became committed to providing a Drug-Free to Help His Patients Keep It Off
Attenuate was created by UCLA Doctor and Professor Peter Vash after he grew frustrated with his patients’ inability to lose weight.
It felt like the entire medical system was always taking a “prescription-first” approach to patients with major health challenges like high blood pressure and diabetes…
Yet Dr. Vash realized that often what these folks needed was NOT more drugs...
It was to lose weight.
So Dr. Vash got to work, leveraging his decades of experience as leading M.D., professor, and researcher…
To figure out a way to make REAL weight loss both easy and enjoyable for everyday people.
This quest ultimately led Dr. Vash to formulate Attenuate…
A delicious tasting powder that you simply mix into your favorite drink twice per day…
And that then goes to work inside the body…
Helping to both burn fat and keep that fat off…

While also keeping you hydrated and energized. 
The Proven Fat-Burning Ingredients Inside Attenuate
Super Citrimax ®
Super Citrimax ®, a patented water extract made from Garcinia cambogia. While you may have seen Garcinia before, generic versions of this ingredient don’t come close to matching Super Citrimax’s effectiveness. That’s because Super Citrimax is uniquely bound to calcium and potassium, which drastically increases its bioavailability and efficacy.
In peer-reviewed clinical studies…
Researchers found that taking Super Citrimax as a supplement led to 3x more weight loss than diet & exercise alone. It also reduced calorie intake by 25% and increased serotonin (an important hormone for mood and sleep) by 44%.
The way Super Citrimax works is by blocking ATP-citrate lyase, an enzyme in the body that turns food into energy. This leads the body burn your stored fat as a power source instead.[1]
Zychrome ™
Zychrome is a special type of chromium supplement that is very easily absorbed in the human body. In multiple double-blind studies (the gold standard) it has been shown to support healthy blood sugar and reduce markers of inflammation in the body.[2]
In a meta-analysis of nine Random Controlled Trials, which included a total of 622 participants…
Researchers noted that chromium supplementation had a favorable effect on body weight in each of those studies.[3]
Even better, research suggests that Zychrome may help to control hunger by reducing the level of neuropeptide Y, a neurotransmitter that helps govern our appetites.  
Additionally, each serving of our Attenuate stick packs also includes Vitamins B6 and B12, Calcium, Potassium, and a small dosage of Caffeine that comes from Green Tea Leaves.
  • 15 Duo Stick Packs per Box (am pack for morning beverage and pm pack for afternoon beverage)
  • 2 Servings per Duo Stick Pack, 3.5g per serving
  • 30 Servings per Box
  • ​KETO and VEGAN friendly!
- Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxcine hydrochloride) 
- Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) 
- Calcium (as hydroxycitrate) 
- Chromium (as chromium dinicocysteinate (Zychrome®) 
- Potassium (as hydroxycitrate) 

Proprietary Blend:
- Super CitriMax® (Garcinia Cambogia Extract) (containing 1,350 mg (-)-Hydroxycitric Acid), Caffeine (from Green Tea (Camellis sinensis (leaf))) 
“This Truly Is One Of The Easiest Ways to Start Burning Excess Fat” 
- Dr. Peter Vash
It’s no secret that losing weight can be a challenge.
It seems like every month there’s a new fad diet showing up in our TikTok Feed or in the news that promises to finally help us lose the excess weight…
Yet we all know most of these diets are difficult to stick with at best…and sometimes they’re even dangerous.
And when it comes to exercise…
We all know that exercising more regularly is a great idea…
But the truth is, finding time to get to the gym each day can be HARD…
Especially if you’ve got a demanding job or a family.
That’s why Attenuate is so important.
No Matter How Crazy Life Gets, Attenuate Is Something You’ll Be Able to Stick With
Just pour one stick pack into water or any other beverage in the morning, between breakfast and lunch…
And then repeat in the afternoon, between lunch and dinner.
Using Attenuate takes about 60 seconds per day…
Yet you’ve already seen the science behind its fat-burning ingredients…

And how they’re having a REAL impact for women and men across the world…
And right now, from this website only…
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On our main website, each box of Attenuate Stick Packs retails for $69.99.
There are 30 Stick Packs per box…
Which means each box comes with 15 days’ worth of attenuate.
Since it’s the start of a new year though…

And we know you’re probably exceptionally motivated to FINALLY lose weight…
We’ve created a special, limited-time only promotion where you can get Attenuate for as low as $39.99 per box with our Best Deal Package.
We’re doing this so that you can experience Attenuate for several months and get the full benefits…
And you should also know that choosing our 6 Box Package doesn’t just save you the most money…
It also protects you from out of stocks.
That’s important because we only produce a limited amount of Attenuate Stick Packs at a time, and it can take up to 12 weeks to get more units into our warehouse.
What we don’t want is for you to start taking Attenuate, experience significant weight loss, and then suddenly find that you can’t order more of our product.
That’s why so many of our customers take the 6 Box Package…
Because it keeps more money in their pocket while giving them peace of mind.
YES, I’m Ready to Burn Fat with Attenuate

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Supplies are Extremely Limited
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Supplies are Extremely Limited
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More Real World Success Stories Thanks to Attenuate…
Every Order of Attenuate Also Comes With Our
 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee
Right now, you just need to say “maybe” to Attenuate by selecting the package that’s right for you.
Our team will then get to work shipping out your order…
And the moment Attenuate arrives at your front door, we want you to tear open that packaging and start trying it for yourself!
Do that, and we’re confident that you’ll be blown away by your experience with Attenuate.
But if you’re not, or you change your mind about this decision today for any reason whatsoever…
Simply return your unused packages and we’ll give you a full refund with zero questions asked.
It couldn’t be easier…
And our customer support is also easy to reach. Just call or email us anytime at:
YES, I’m Ready to Burn Fat with Attenuate

Starter Package

Supplies are Extremely Limited
 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Best Deal Package

Supplies are Extremely Limited
 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Discount Package

Supplies are Extremely Limited
 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee
“This Is Your Chance to Make 2023 Your Healthiest, Happiest Year Ever” 
Right now you’ve got two choices.
The first is to ignore this website, clicking away from it without trying Attenuate.
That’s definitely an option…
But ask yourself:
If you don’t say yes to Attenuate today, then what’s going to change?
If you’re here on this website, it’s probably because you simply aren’t happy with your current weight. 
Diets, workout routines, you’ve probably tried it all…
And yet here you are…
Still frustrated and still feeling stuck.
Attenuate is your opportunity to get UNSTUCK…
And all it takes is about 60 seconds per day.
That’s your second option:
The one where you decide to grab Attenuate today for up to 44% off our normal retail price.
Do that, and begin using Attenuate each and every day…
And we’re confident you’ll be amazed by just how quickly and easily you can start to lose weight.
There are tons of supplements out there with all kinds of hype-filled claims…
But very few contain the clinically-backed ingredients that Attenuate does…
And fewer still were formulated by world class medical doctors and weight loss experts from places like UCLA, Harvard, and Stanford.
That’s why there really is nothing else like Attenuate.
It’s a revolutionary new weight-support product…
It’s been used by thousands of women and men already, with many of those folks reporting life changing results…
And we’re confident that Attenuate can work for you too.
So what are you waiting for?
Go ahead and grab your own supply of Attenuate right now…
While there are still supplies in stock.
Plus Receive A FREE Copy Of"Lose It And Keep It Off" 
When You Order The 6 or 3 Box Package
YES, I’m Ready to Burn Fat with Attenuate

Starter Package

Supplies are Extremely Limited
 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Best Deal Package

Supplies are Extremely Limited
 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Discount Package

Supplies are Extremely Limited
 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee
About Dr. Peter Vash, MD, M.P.H., F.A.C.E.
Dr. Vash’s extensive medical background includes:

- Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, emeritus, at the David Geffen School of Medicine UCLA Medical Center

- Masters of Public Health at the UCLA School of Public Health
Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar at the UCLA School of Medicine

- Past President of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians

- Board Certified in Internal Medicine specializing in Endocrinology and Metabolism with an emphasis on Obesity Medicine

- Diplomate and Board Certified in Obesity Medicine

- Served on the Board of Shape Magazine and wrote a column about weight loss

- Past Medical Director of the Lindora Medical Clinic
Here’s What People Are Saying About Attenuate…
"i love the mango flavor"

It is surprisingly good tasting with out any after taste and i have just started using Attenuate, I founded to be very helpful it's been helping me reduce my carbohydrate cravings. It is surprisingly good tasting with out any after taste and i have already lost 8.5 pounds in the last 2 weeks!!!! I highly recommend it.

"reduces appetite and increases energy"

I have been using attenuate for a few months and I love it. They work amazingly well at suppressing my appetite when I use it as directed and drink it between meals. It also keeps me better hydrated, which in turn means I feel more full and eat less. The best part has been that I feel more energetic throughout the day! I normally don't like fruit punch flavored products, but this one tastes amazing!

"New favorite drink!"

I love the mango flavor! Started drinking these between meals about a month ago. I'm not as hungry by the time lunch and dinner come around, and so I am able to make better meal choices and not cave into cravings. I love this product, it really works! Can't wait to try the other flavors!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take Attenuate?

Mix one (1) packet of Attenuate into water (ideally 24 or 32ozs.) and drink between breakfast and lunch. Then take another similar mixture of Attenuate again between lunch and dinner. The type, and amount, of water be it flat, tap, or carbonated etc. is the individual's preference. It is recommended that an individual do not take more than two (2) packets a day. Attenuate should not be mixed or taken with food as it's appetite reducing effects may be reduced by the digestive enzymes associated with eating. Attenuate is used as a refreshingly satisfying alternative to snacking and random emotional eating.

How is Attenuate different from other dietary weight loss supplements?

Attenuate has the proper recommended and validated dosage to ensure maximum weight loss effectiveness. The recommended amount of Garcinia Cambogia that has been proven to promote maximum weight loss is 4,500 milligrams per day. No other weight loss product on the market containing Garcinia cambogia comes close to this dosage.

How can Attenuate help me lose weight?

Attenuate is specifically developed to help reduce appetite, decrease hunger and control cravings. It is used as a substitute for snacking, and by drinking more water, when mixed with Attenuate, the liver and kidneys function more effectively to burn, metabolize and discard fat. As Attenuate helps to control the cravings for certain foods, your cravings for those foods decrease.

How do I know that Attenuate's results are honest, accurate and truthful?

Attenuate's weight loss process has been medically tested, clinically validated and proven to be truthful and accurate by the results of randomized double-blind placebo controlled clinical studies. Real doctors developed a real product; with real, safe and effective ingredients; to help real patients and individuals solve real problems; with real and lasting results.

How quickly can I expect results from Attenuate?

Clinical experience with real patients suggest that within hours of consuming the first dose an individual can sense a reduction in their appetite and a decrease in their desire for snacking. Attenuate's effect on the sensation of hunger, almost always present within the first 24 hours, also causes a decrease in their desire to eat and an increased ability to turn away from troubling and tempting foods and snacks. With regards to weight loss, variables such as the consistency of your diet, level of activity and your level of motivation will come into play as you use the product. Losing weight and being happy with your body is a journey. Remember to use Attenuate as directed on the label along with a diet and exercise program.

Can Attenuate help someone who has or is at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes?

Yes. There is a strong link between the overweight condition and type 2 diabetes. Weight loss is an important and effective step to help prevent and, in many cases, manage the elevated blood sugars in type 2 diabetes. The added Zychrome in Attenuate has a proven effect in helping to normalize blood sugar levels in those individuals who have an increased insulin resistance, which occurs in individuals with pre-diabetes and established type 2 diabetes. So in addition to helping overweight individuals lower their elevated blood sugars through weight loss, the added ingredient Zychrome in Attenuate offers additional help with normalizing elevated blood sugar levels.

How much weight can I lose with Attenuate?

A clinical study demonstrated that over a period of eight weeks, when using the optimal dosage of Attenuate (4,500 milligrams per day of Garcinia cambogia), resulted in 3 times more weight loss (10.8 pounds vs. 3.4 pounds) than from diet and exercise alone.

Are there other benefits of using Attenuate besides weight loss?

Yes. Attenuate has been documented to show a reduction in total cholesterol levels, LDL (bad cholesterol), triglycerides, and an increase in the good cholesterol level when compared to using only diet and exercise alone. Along with weight loss, and a reduction in insulin resistance to help manage elevated blood sugar levels, there is also the promotion of improved cardiovascular health.

Does Attenuate have any effect on the development of new fat cells or fat regain?

Other clinical studies show that the optimal dose of Garcinia cambogia in Attenuate helps to reduce the development of new fat cells and reduces body weight regain after substantial weight loss by inhibiting new fat cell growth and development.

Is Attenuate a stimulant, and is it safe?

Attenuate does not work as a stimulant, it has a small amount of green tea but not enough to cause an increased heart rate or elevated blood pressure. Numerous clinical trials and studies have verified and documented Attenuate's safety. Attenuate should not be used by pregnant women or those who are breast feeding, or individuals younger than 16 years of age. Check with your doctor if you have a serious medical condition, or are under a physician's care before using Attenuate.

Can Attenuate be taken safely with other medications?

Yes. Attenuate was developed to act without interfering, blocking, or in any way causing a harmful interaction with other medications or supplements. Check with your doctor if you have a serious medical condition, or are under a physician's care before using Attenuate.

Does Attenuate contain any carbohydrates or calories?

No! Attenuate has ZERO sugar, ZERO carbs, and ZERO fat.
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